Just like when choosing a location and a photographer, we always start by holding a complimentary introductory meeting at a location of choice. That can be at your home, your wedding location, or somewhere else at a café, outdoors, wherever. In this meeting we will get to know each other and discuss your wishes and ideas about your big day.

If after this interview we decide that things click and there is a nice, good basis to continue together, the first general context for your ceremony is already there. After that, we would have regular contact. You will also have some ‘homework’ and things to think about – because not only your love but also the practical side will be extensively discussed. How do you view the ceremony? What do you absolutely not want, and what should definitely not be missing? For example, think about a special role for your parents or witnesses. Do you want to remember a loved one, or would you rather place the emphasis on your children? We will also discuss together the layout of the wedding location, such as table placements. If you want, I can also contact your photographer and/or videographer. In short: we will go over everything.