In the subsequent meeting we will delve deeper into the topics that are important to you: your life, your love, your ideas and your opinions/views. At that meeting I will want to receive back your homework. In short: I want to know a lot, because with all this information I can get started writing your story. If it’s okay with you, I will also talk with your parents and/or witnesses about you. What those talks will be about will remain a secret to you …
In the interim I will arrange the practical matters, such as my one-time appointment in your wedding municipality. In most municipalities this is a formality that must be arranged for at least six weeks before your wedding.
All in all, I will spend about 15-20 hours with you to make your ceremony as beautiful and personal as possible. The costs for this process are:

For marriages/registered partnerships and ceremonial unions in the Netherlands:
€ 795,– including VAT and 200 km travel expenses, not including municipal marriage fees and any appointment costs.

For marriages/registered partnerships and ceremonial unions outside the Netherlands I always make a customised offer.

Municipal marriage fees must always be paid to the municipality where you are getting married, except if you choose for a free wedding on a Monday or Tuesday morning.
Some municipalities charge extra appointment costs for my one-time appointment to officiate your wedding, other municipalities do not. The amount of the costs varies per municipality, as do the marriage fees. These prices are generally listed on the website of your marriage municipality.
If you want to get married on a location in the Binnenmaas or Hellevoetsluis municipality, I cannot officiate your marriage on behalf of 2Marry. In that case you have to arrange the marriage location yourselves via this municipality. In the report of intended marriage (Melding Voorgenomen Huwelijk) you can express a preference for me as your wedding officiant.
For free weddings on Monday and Tuesday mornings there is no option for choosing a marriage officiant, because the wedding is performed by a Civil Affairs officer. There would be no contact beforehand, no speech, and often only the witnesses and/or the parents are allowed to be present. You are literally done within ten minutes. You would not pay any marriage fees or one-time appointment costs. Your wedding on the day of your choice would be considered a ceremonial union.